Four Fabulous Reasons To Rent A Yacht For Your Wedding Ceremony

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Four Fabulous Reasons To Rent A Yacht For Your Wedding Ceremony

22 December 2015
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Modern bride and grooms are drifting away from traditional ceremony venues in droves. They're exchanging vows in backyards, under the stars, in wild mountain meadows, and at sea. Cruise ship weddings are wildly popular these days, but those who desire a more personalized nautical wedding experience have the option of tying the knot on board a private yacht. There are many advantages of renting a private yacht as a wedding venue. The following are four of the best reasons.


Something about private yachts just oozes elegance. They're traditionally associated with ultimate glamour, making them ideal choices for stylish couples who want to make a personal statement with their choice of wedding venue. If you want a ceremony that will provide cherished memories for the rest of your life, consider saying your vows on a the deck of a private yacht. Private yacht chartering services also have professional wedding planners on staff who can provide you with a glorious experience.


You and your wedding guests will have plenty of privacy during an on board ceremony and subsequent reception. You won't have to worry about prying eyes the way you would if your wedding venue was a church in a crowded urban area or even a mountain meadow. Better yet, you'll have a perfect excuse for keeping the guest list small and manageable, providing a more intimate and meaningful experience for everyone involved. Because the Coast Guard sets limits on how many people can be on board ocean-going vessels, you can simply tell your parents that there won't be room for everyone they want to include on the guests' list.


Instead of going from a church or park venue to another location for the reception, you can enjoy celebrating with your friends and family right on the yacht. Available options include everything from an expertly prepared, formal gourmet dinner to a casual-but-classy cocktail party to a customized combination of both options. You can also arrange for a party bus to pick guests up at home and transport them back after the festivities are over.

Photo Ops

Blue seas and skies provide an ideal backdrop for wedding pictures, especially if there is a gorgeous sunset in the background. There will be plenty of natural light, which will make everyone look their best, and the relaxed ambiance of being at sea will show in your smiles as well as those of your wedding guests. Your local yacht charter company will be able to provide you with information on local wedding photographers with expertise in photographing shipboard ceremonies. 

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