4 Creative Ways To Make Use Of Your Office Space After-Hours

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4 Creative Ways To Make Use Of Your Office Space After-Hours

23 March 2016
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The overhead costs associated with maintaining an office space can be significant. If you are looking for a simple way to reduce your overhead costs each month, the answer could be found after-hours. Finding creative ways to utilize your office space outside of working hours can be both profitable and simple.

Here are four easy things you can do to get more use out of your own office space in the future.

1. Use your office space to host meetups.

There are people within your community who share diverse interests. Many of these people are looking for ways to socialize with others who have similar interests, and meetups can be a great way to accomplish this goal. Office spaces can provide the perfect setting for a meetup. Conference rooms can host large groups, while smaller meetups can be held in break rooms or private offices.

Becoming a meetup organizer and using your office space to host different groups of people after business hours have ended is a simple and effective way to maximize your resources. 

2. Let creative artists use your office space to gather feedback.

Throughout the creative process it can be beneficial for an artist to receive honest feedback from consumers. The conference rooms in your office space could serve as the perfect setting for a focus group to review a movie or ad layout.

Not only will you be providing the creative community with a valuable service by renting out your office space, but you will be adding another source of income that can help reduce your overhead costs.

3. Turn your office space into study suites.

Both undergraduate and graduate students spend a significant amount of time studying for exams. Aside from finals week, libraries on campuses across the country can close before students are ready to stop studying for the evening.

By offering your office space as overnight study suites, you allow students to access a quiet, safe place where they can cram for tests no matter how late it might be.

4. Let your office space serve as a personal training facility.

There are many freelance exercise instructors who would like to conduct small group training sessions, but might not have the space available to accomplish this goal. When tables are chairs are moved out of the way, conference rooms are typically large enough to accommodate an intimate group of exercisers.

You can rent out your space after business hours to private instructors to help cover your overhead operating expenses.

Don't be afraid to explore creative uses for your office space available after the business day ends if you want to reduce your overhead expenses in the future.