Four Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Venue For Your Reception

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Four Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Venue For Your Reception

27 June 2016
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While you may have found the perfect venue for your wedding reception, you might be at a loss as to how to personalize this space with your own style. Bringing in decor while treading lightly on your existing venue can be done with some planning. Here are four clever ways to decorate your wedding venue that will also be easy to take down and clean up at the end of the night.

1. Create a Floral Forest

If you've found a wedding venue that is the perfect size and in the right location, but is lacking some of the charm you were hoping for, you can bring in floral arrangements that go above and beyond table centerpieces. Larger wreaths, arbors and standing floral pieces can be showcased to make the interior of your venue look alive.

2. Opt for Alternate Lighting

If the default lighting in your venue is too bright for your tastes, bring in your own lighting to soften the feel of the room and make for a romantic evening. This can easily be done by stringing smaller strands of lights throughout or bunching them in large bottles or bowls to create ambient lighting. Flameless, battery-operated candles can bring in the charm of candlelight without the danger of fire.

3. Utilize Ribbons and Fabric

If you aren't in love with the walls or ceiling of your venue, you can spruce this up quickly with ribbons and fabric. Long, flowing pieces of fabric can come together in the center of the ceiling to immediately change the overall decor of your reception space. Ribbons can adorn these swathes of fabric with accents. This might be hard to pull off yourself, so ask your venue if they might have contacts for this type of decor.

4. Use Balloons to Cover Ceilings and Create Archways

An easy way to immediately brighten up a space and have this scream, 'Celebrate!' are helium-filled balloons arranged throughout your reception space. These can be arranged in arches behind the bride and groom's main table and can be raised to the ceiling for a festive look at your wedding. Keeping balloons on ribbons or encased in netting will make for easier cleanup at the end of the night.

Just remember, it is easier to add things than take them away when it comes to wedding reception rental spaces. Never arrange or take down anything in your existing venue without the okay from your venue contact. They want to help make your day to perfect too, and may also have some clever ideas for decor or hiding parts of a venue that aren't in line with your wedding theme.

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