What Not To Overlook When Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

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What Not To Overlook When Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

7 December 2016
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Although weddings are all about the love and the ceremony, for most people, the reception is also a major highlight of the day. You want the reception to be enjoyable and stress-free, not just for you, but for all your guests. To create this type of environment, there are a few key factors you don't want to overlook when choosing a reception venue.


Sure, you and your new spouse might stroll up to the reception in a chauffeured ride, but this isn't the case for everyone else. Few things are more of an inconvenience than limited parking.

Your guests, who are dressed in their best by the way, don't want to spend 20 minutes looking for a spot, only to find one several blocks away on a poorly-lit residential street. Try to find a venue that has ample on-site parking or at the very least will allow you to partner with a valet service to help park everyone's cars.


Don't just focus on beauty and grandeur. Examine its layout. To properly examine this feature, you need to have a general idea of how your reception will play out. Will there be a band and dance floor? Will there be buffet style food arrangements or seated dinning? These details determine what type of layout is necessary.

For instance, if you plan to have a dance floor and buffet-style dining, you don't want the layout to be one where the guests must pass through the dance floor area to access the buffet. This little detail might seem minor, but no one wants to carry a plate of food through a crowded dance floor.


If you plan to have your ceremony and reception in two separate locations, keep the distance between the two in mind. You might be in love with two different sites, but if it takes 25 minutes without traffic to travel between the two, you may be asking for trouble.

The further away the two sites, the greater the risk of someone getting lost or being stuck in traffic. When the bulk of your guests are late, this can push back your reception start time and put a damper on the mood of everyone once they finally arrive.

When choosing your venue, take your time. Pay as much attention to detail as you did when choosing a dress, colors, and wedding party. Your reception will always be a part of your memories so ensure it's a great one. For more information, contact local professionals like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa.