Common Myths About Garden Venues For A Wedding Ceremony

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Common Myths About Garden Venues For A Wedding Ceremony

13 August 2018
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One of the biggest decisions a bride and groom have to make about their wedding day is where the ceremony will take place. There are a couple of factors that hugely affect this decision. One, you will need a venue that has enough space for the people you plan to invite. Two, you will need a venue that has the scene, setting, or backdrop that goes along with your wedding plans and ideas.

Garden ceremony venues tend to be one of the most popular venues for weddings because they are large enough to accommodate a lot of people and are beautiful and easily altered to coincide with design ideas, and they are an overall desirable setting. Yet, garden venues do have some myths that get in the way for some pre-wed couples. 

Myth: Garden venues are always privately owned establishments and rather costly to use. 

There are several privately owned wedding venues out there in a garden setting that are specifically set up for weddings. These can be a little more on the costly side than, say, using a church or venue hall at a hotel. However, there are plenty of other ways to get a garden venue besides going for those that are advertised specifically for the occasion. You can have a garden-style wedding on a small estate farm and even on some national park properties across the United States. 

Myth: Garden venues are only for outdoor weddings. 

It is true that garden venues are primarily for outdoor events, but just because you would rather have an indoor ceremony, it does not mean a garden location is out of the question. Many garden venue locations have on-site facilities for indoor ceremonies. Some will even arrange for wedding tents or other temporary shelters if there is not a permanent structure on-site. 

Myth: You can only use a garden venue at certain times of the year. 

If you are planning a winter wedding, you may assume that a garden venue is out of the question, but that simply is not the case. You can find garden venues available year-round in different locations. Some venues stay open through all seasons, but there are some that are only open through the warmer parts of the year, which is why it is assumed that all garden wedding venue locations do the same. No matter what time of year you want your wedding to take place, you should be able to find several venues available, especially farther south where it can be warm throughout parts of the winter season.