No Time? 5 Ways to Speed up Wedding Dress Shopping

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No Time? 5 Ways to Speed up Wedding Dress Shopping

15 October 2020
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Wedding dress shopping at beautiful, dedicated boutiques is a right of passage for most brides. But not every bride has days or weeks to devote to shopping for the right dress. If you are on a tight schedule, though, you can take steps to shorten the length of time shopping and in the salon. Here are a few steps to take. 

1. Research Salons

Cut down on boutique shopping and in-salon time by researching bridal boutiques in advance. Stalk their social media. Read reviews by customers. Talk to friends who have gone dress shopping before. Then, schedule a few minutes to stop by the top contenders and see their work in person. This prep work can help you find a high-quality dress shop that fits your style and expectations without driving all around town. 

2. Make an Appointment

Once you choose a boutique and a date, call the shop and make an appointment. Let them know your needs, including party size and time limitations. You may also want to let them know in advance if you have specific requests or concerns so they can pair up the party with the right stylist for maximum efficiency in their service. 

3. Keep the Party Small

It may not be advisable to bring along all your friends and family. The larger your group, the more unwieldy and delayed it could become. You will also hear more dissenting opinions — or even arguments — that could convince you to try on more dresses than you really need to. Small parties — ranging from just the bride to an additional two or three people — keep the appointment streamlined and efficient. 

4. Search for Inspiration First

If you've never considered what you want in a bridal gown, now is the time to start seeking inspiration. Spend time researching and finding product photos to see what appeals to you and what doesn't appeal to you in dresses. Create a virtual "mood board" of photos that illustrate these various likes and dislikes. Visual aids help you communicate quickly with boutique staff and reduce time waste.

5. Be Flexible and Open

Bridal shop stylists and staff have seen it all. They know what looks best on various bodies, skin tones, and style preferences. Listen to their guidance and suggestions. Your or your party's resistance to new ideas or professional experience can slow down your ability to find the best dress. It will also increase frustration, which could derail the shopping trip entirely. 

If you take these five steps before and during your bridal dress shopping experience, the result will be an easier and faster time finding the right look for you. Learn more about efficient dress shopping by contacting boutiques like The Steel Magnolia.