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A few months ago, my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. During this special time, I thought about our beautiful wedding day. We were married in the church I’ve attended since I was a young child. In fact, my father has pastored this small, country church for the past twenty-nine years. On my wedding day, my dad had two jobs. He walked me down the aisle and officiated my wedding ceremony. I will never the look on my husband’s face when he saw me wearing my off-the-shoulder, satin wedding gown with a royal train for the first time. His smile was priceless. Even though I’ve had ten years to think about my wedding day, I still don’t think it could have been any more perfect than it was. On this blog, I hope you will learn some tips to make your upcoming wedding unforgettable.


How To Properly Shop For A Wedding Dress

14 January 2019
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If you have gotten engaged, it is time to start one of the most exciting shipping processes of your life –- shopping for a wedding dress. For many women, this is a one-time experience, so you want to make sure that you savor the experience and get it right. #1 Know Your Budget Before you start dreaming about what type of dress you want, you need to set a budget. Knowing what your budget is from the start will allow you to funnel what you are looking at to match your budget. Read More …

Common Myths About Garden Venues For A Wedding Ceremony

13 August 2018
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One of the biggest decisions a bride and groom have to make about their wedding day is where the ceremony will take place. There are a couple of factors that hugely affect this decision. One, you will need a venue that has enough space for the people you plan to invite. Two, you will need a venue that has the scene, setting, or backdrop that goes along with your wedding plans and ideas. Read More …

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Trying On Bridal Gowns

27 February 2017
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Shopping for your bridal gown can be one of the most exciting experiences of the wedding preparation process. When you are shopping for the perfect bridal dress, ask yourself these four questions to more easily discern which dress is the perfect fit for you. Question #1: What Is Special About This Dress? Make a checklist of everything that is unique and special about each gown you consider. You probably will find that you have the most to say about the ones you naturally click with. Read More …

6 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Full-Figured Brides

27 February 2017
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If you're a full-figured bride, wedding dress shopping may seem like a daunting task. But, armed with the right attitude and a little knowledge of what to look for, you can have a great experience and find the perfect dress. Here are 7 key tips for any plus-size bride. Call Ahead. Before heading out to any dress shop, be sure to call ahead and find out how much they carry in your usual sizes (and a little larger). Read More …

What Not To Overlook When Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

7 December 2016
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Although weddings are all about the love and the ceremony, for most people, the reception is also a major highlight of the day. You want the reception to be enjoyable and stress-free, not just for you, but for all your guests. To create this type of environment, there are a few key factors you don't want to overlook when choosing a reception venue. Parking Sure, you and your new spouse might stroll up to the reception in a chauffeured ride, but this isn't the case for everyone else. Read More …